Bald women's fans may be accused of taste perversion, of desire to humiliate the woman and of latent homosexuality. Instead, pay attention to the object of their adoration: bald girls, especially with big eyes, long necks and perfect forms of the head... they are so touching and beautiful... they can be compared with fledgling little birds or shy fallow deer...

scissors cult

New in Actresses

  • Aoi Morikawa
    Aoi Morikawa In 2014, screens out the darkly and bloody Japanese thriller "The World of Kanako" (Kawaki), which tells of the disappearance of the beautiful and very popular in her school student…

New in Musicians

  • Yolandi Visser
    Yolandi Visser Music from the Republic of South Africa is little known world. Perhaps the only South African artists who make a breakthrough on the international scene, the…

New in Models

  • Gin Clarke
    Gin Clarke The famous French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier during one of his trips to London noticed a tall, dark-skinned and completely bald girl. With his light hand Gin Clarke  became a…

New in Amateurs

  • Willow Smith
    Willow Smith Acting couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has very pretty daughter. Willow Camille Reign Smith at the moment only 15 years old and still does…

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to charitable programs
One of the objectives of the project BaldGirls.ru is philanthropy. We hope to provide support to women who have had cancer, and who because this lost their hairs. For more information about the charitable part of the project read it this page
national foundation female health
Charitable Foundation
Foundations for Womens Cancer
charitable foundation
Female Cancer Foundation
charitable foundation

What another things you can do on this site?

On this site you can not only viewing pictures and videos of bald girls, but also...

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...hear songs about bald girls and women...
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...see list of movies, where act total shaved heroines...
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...known few advises for people, who want shave all their hairs on the head...
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...known about creation of this site - from first sketches to modern condition.

Another Resources

  • front youtube
    channel BaldGirls on the YouTube More videos with bald and short-cut women and links to other videochannels with same theme
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    front Facebook
    page BaldGirls in network Facebook Your questions and your bald photos you can send there? too (but, the best is send they here)
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  • social group of bald girls in Vkontakte
    Beautiful bald girls in network Vkontakte Lots of photos, many members of group, who like make experiments with their hairs.
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    main page of public group Vkontakte
    Bald Girls Most Beautiful! in public group Vkontakte One more thematic group with bald female members.
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  • main page of Anton Kaptelov's blog
    Blog of Anton Kaptelov who created and owned BaldGirls project Life notes, reviews, his articles, photos and videos.
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    main page of site with extrimе female haircuts
    EXTRIM female haircuts on the russian site Site with same theme with photos and videos bald girls and women.
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Send your photos

Send your shaved and short cut photos to we will place they on the pages of our sites. Also send story about your experience of extrim hairstyle. Copyright on the photo still yours - we just post them on this site.

Attention please!

All photos and videos on the this site are taken from open sources. If possible, we put links to the author's resource (as compensation for the use of them). Claims for the use of copyright material to send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In conflict situations, the photo or video, the use of which project BaldGirls.ru objection author, will be removed from the site.

About this project

Site BaldGirls.ru was created by Anthony Captain in 2011 year because he want to share his collection of pictures of shaved and short cut girls. This photos and videos was collected from various sources for many years. The main objectives of the project - to coerce women daring to experiment with their looks, to support women who lost their hair due to illness and provocate public attention to the problem of cancer.